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Gallery Talk/ Fountain Street Fine Art 2016


"Russet", 68"x68" Acrylic on Canvas

                       SAATCHI ART;  Los Angeles, California, USA;  London, England;
                                            SINGULART, Paris, France,

Abstract art is a vital search for the real, a journey into the unknown territory of the mind and spirit, making DNA prints to acknowledge existence. Searching for keys to understanding the universe, higher planes of thought, and beauty are endlessley rewarding artistic endeavors. Creating mysterious works, through reckless exploration of the will and spirit with paint, maps out space, time, and the fourth dimension.


Abstract art is a spiritual investigation into the meaning of life. Art is a passion, built into the core of my existence, undeniable. Painting lives in my arm and eye, with beauty never escaping notice.


Abstraction is the making of something from nothing, experiencing empty realms, delving into paint, canvas, color, line, surface, illusion, and memory. Yet the physical reality of painting reduces philosophical thought to reflections. The Artist's action, reaction, and freedom delivers great Art. Abstract art is an idea beginning/ ending with a search for meaning and explorations into unchartered mindfull places.

Landscape Architecture

© 2014 by Richard Kattman

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